Friday, February 16, 2007

Kinée Diouf

Starting from the top: first and second are Viviene Westwood Runway, third and fourth are from the Givenchy Runway Collection, fifth comes from Ruffian, sixth, Louis Vuitton, seventh is Michon Schur and the last is Lanvin.

All of these are Spring 07, some ready-to-wear and others runway.

I find all of these have a wearable air to them. Not too over the top or overly stated, very chic, clean lines with hints of texture. They call for grand silhouttes and accentuate the body as opposed to unflattering it. A certain dimensionality is seen, where a garment can look stunning in a complete 360. It becomes a haulting pointe. I am slightly bias in the sense that I often like and praise what is wearable so, you'll find most of my posts will mostly be ready to wear because it's all about pulling it off with ease, like something you'd see on the street looking effortless but expensive. Not all of my posts will be runway, some will involve random people wearing great outfits, online items and style concepts, backstage runway, model wear and parties.

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